Travis O’Neill and the underdogs

This started as a Solo project to be able to play more intimate venues and have more of the country/soul sound than he has with the Folk rock sound of the  “Cardinal Sins”
We have a distinct sound of our own now and play songs from a new EP called “Spirituals and unlikely hymnals”
Influences include: Gram Parsons, Steve Earle, CCR, Van Morrison, Sam Cooke and Chuck Ragan
We also draw on the songs Travis has written with the Cardinal sins, plus a few surprise covers of choice.
However we will be on tour when Travis O’Neill and his Cardinal sins will not be.
Featured song is “COFFEE STAINED BIBLE”
Coffee Stained Bible written and owned by Travis O’Neill © 2017
Song recorded and mixed by Guy Bennett and the video was edited and live sound mixed from venue to the video by Blackpes.

Travis O’Neill has another 6 piece band where he plays bigger venues with “The Cardinal sins”
The other guys in the “Underdogs” have other bands Listed below, Please check these guys out!
The Underdogs are:
Travis O’Neill- Vocals, Guitars
Guy Bennett- Keys, BV’s and Guitars
Ondra Blackpes- Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar and BV’s
Nick Jennings- Drums, percussion and Bass